About us
Blue Lagoon Swimwear is a women-owned family business founded by mother-daughter Nathalie and Shani Cohen.

How it all started
As a working mother, Nathalie always valued and managed to spend every moment with her 3 daughters.
Growing up, Shani, Nathalie’s oldest daughter, always viewed her mother as her role model which guided her to become an assertive young lady.
At a very young age, Shani’s inspirations for travel, photography and fashion led her to start handcrafting many swimsuit styles for different friends. With this personal self-taught experience and passion for summer fashion, it seemed only natural that Shani would evolve her career into designing elegant swimsuits for women and eventually created her own swimwear brand.
When the opportunity arose to open a swimwear business venture with Shani, Nathalie loved the idea to create a new family dynamic and to build a legacy together.
Nathalie is a graduated gemologist. Before partnering with Shani, she was working in Paris as a business developer for a large diamond corporation. She then moved to Switzerland to join one of the largest gold refineries of the world. Nathalie’s technical expertise and practical skills allow her today to lead and develop Blue Lagoon Swimwear.
As a result, Blue Lagoon Swimwear is the fruit of a mother-daughter entrepreneurial and creative journey that aims to become a global swimwear fashion company.

The Brand
Blue Lagoon is an online swimwear brand whose designs are crafted and created with a focus on elegance, timeless looks and high-quality swimsuits for all women.
Blue Lagoon Swimwear is dedicated to cover the essentials of all beach beauty by carefully selecting fabrics that provide softness, shine and resistance for all summer lifestyles.
The brand carries 4 collections: “Melrose” featuring the revolutionary original seamless textile, and the seamless, recyclable and sustainable Cienna™️ fabric.
“Monaco” presenting the sophisticated and luxury line, “Murano” with its exclusive print and finally “Capsule”, where we present for the first time, skirts set and dresses.
All looks stand out to reveal clean and elegant pieces and make a statement to fit all body types and all skin tones.
All collections become the destination for timeless fashion swimwear including bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, separate tops and bottoms, and more, all available to order for retailers worldwide.


All swimwear manufacturers are pre-audited based on the group's own code of conduct comprising strict social and ecological criteria and the highest safety standards.

Behind the scenes.

Our studio works on the collection and its themes. Next, come sketches by Our Artistic Director, then collaboration with the design team for assembly and the workshop to make prototypes. Blue Lagoon Swimwear, carefully selects the fabrics to provide softness, shine and resistance.

From design to manufacture.

The modelists use the studio's flat designs to make the template and initial canvas. The design department then works on the sizing for each piece in the collection. Support and technical files are then sent to make the first prototypes. Last but not least, technicians perfect every piece to the last detail as finishes are an absolute priority.

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